Oil Rubbed Bronze faucet – A dark side of your kitchen

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Kitchen is the most utilized area in any home. People want to design a kitchen that would really stand out. There are so many countless kitchen styles from European culture to more western. Styles varies from modern to old. Now there are elements that define the style and theme of a kitchen. The cabinets, the appliances, flooring, ceiling, lighting fixtures, furniture, sinks and faucets. Various colors came in appliances to choose from, a variety of materials available for cabinets, now a days kitchen faucets are also available in different finishes. Today we are here to talk about the classic style dark finish called Oil Rubbed Bronze for kitchen faucets.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucet

Oil rubbed bronze faucet is a dark colored matte black faucet. Sometimes the color varies from black to dark brown also. Oil rubbed bronze finish is chemically darkened to give the old look of a bronze (an alloy of copper and tin). While the faucet looks matte black, it feels slightly oily when you touch it. The faucet with oil rubbed bronze finish is perfect for the Mediterranean and Tuscan style kitchens.

Kohler K560 Oil Rubbed Bronze faucet

K-596 Oil Rubbed Bronze

Delta-9992T Venetian Bronze Faucet


Mediterranean style kitchens decor is an European style that is influenced by Greek, Italian, french and Spanish cultural designs. The design is called Mediterranean because it is based on the countries style that are close to Mediterranean sea. This style is well known for its use of warm colors, dark woods and rustic materials and a faucet with oil rubbed bronze finish is a perfect match to accompany the style. Mediterranean style kitchens are well described as a trip abroad without leaving house. Follow this link to read more about the Mediterranean style kitchen decor.

Oil rubbed bronze faucets are classy and unique, but this comes with a hefty price tag. Faucets with this finish cost high but the price is worth spending for. This finish is for the kitchen designs that show the aged style.

Oil rubbed kitchen faucet oxidize with time. These faucets require greater care than the other finishes. Due to oxidation the appearance of the faucet changes slightly and looks like the aged copper which pleases more in a Tuscan style kitchen. But still it needs the extra care, to protect the finish, a light coating of furniture wax should be used once every three months.

Now if you are thinking about getting an oil rubbed bronze faucet, you are in luck. Because there are too many faucets available with this finish choice. Most of the brands offer this finish as its getting more and more common. There is also a variation of this finish comes in the market, that is called as Venetian Bronze. Well This finish has the same looks but with slightly lighter tone. The two finishes are essentially same in nature. Both oxidize over time, and have similar looks and used in same styles of kitchens. Few companies use Venetian bronze finishes and other make Oil rubbed bronze faucets. So if you see any of the finish while looking for the faucet, know that they are both belong to the old style kitchens, Tuscan or Mediterranean. Read the reviews below for the best kitchen faucets with Oil rubbed bronze finish available.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucets Reviews

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Oil rubbed bronze faucet is not a general faucet that can be accompanied with every kitchen. It suits well with the old classic style of kitchen. This is expensive and is used for decorative purpose most of the time to compliment the surroundings. It requires extra care and due to oxidation the color of the faucet changes over time. Now there are faucets available with limited lifetime faucet and finish warranties. They cost more but you will get a faucet that will last longer.