Kohler bellera Faucet K-560 Review

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Pull-down kitchen Faucet – Kohler Bellera faucet K-560

Best Kohler Bellera Faucet - K-560 VS
Best Kohler Bellera Faucet – K-560 Vibrant Stainless


The Bellera faucet expands the traditional kitchen category by adding a single-handle integrated valve option for the kitchen with exceptional ergonomics and functionality. The high-arch spout rotates 360 degrees and reaches over the tallest pots, while the compact, three-function spray head pulls down into the sink for up-close tasks, or out of the sink to fill pots.



  • 1 or 3 hole installation (escutcheon included)
  • High-arch spout design
  • 360 degree Spout rotation
  • Single forward facing lever handle
  • Compact three function sprayhead



The Kohler Bellera faucet K-560 is a sleek traditional faucet that beautifully complements the granite and marble. The slight concave curves adds elegant beauty to the faucet, while the sleek single handle gives this faucet a modern look. The handle is simple to used adjust the water temperature easily. The High-arch gooseneck spout and 360-degree spout rotation offer superior clearance for filling pots and cleaning.

This faucet also comes with the escutcheon plate and can be installed in one, two, three or four holes. So it doesnt matter how many holes your sink or counter has it covers them all. The Bellera K-560 kitchen faucet comes in 3 corrosion resistant colors including Oil-rubbed bronze, Polished chrome and vibrant steel.

Best Kohler Bellera Faucet - K-560 VS

Best Kohler Bellera Faucet - K-560 CP

Best Kohler Bellera Faucet - K-560 2BZ


When it comes to features, Kohler Bellera K-560 doesn’t stay behind. It has three function pull down spray with touch controls allows you to switch from stream, to spray, to pause. Its spray hose fits in the hand easily and three functions in it helps you work with great convenience.

The pull-down has a Sweep spray, that features angled nozzles that form a wide, powerful blade of water to sweep your dishes and sink clean. It also features pro-motion technology, which is a light, nylon based line that is 20 inches long which means you can fill your pots from the counter if they’re too big for your sink. The hose also features a magnetic docking system which lock the spray hose in its place when not in use.

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The most common thing that people complain about this faucet is that this faucet is splashy and creates a mess, but in my opinion the faucet features sweep spray which forms a high velocity blade of water to clean the the dishes and sink. If you use it carefully it helps you clean hard stains on the dishes.

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At the i was writing this review i found 257 customer reviews on amazon, and they gave 4.5 stars on average out of possible 5 stars. This shows a highly positive recommendation from the customers who used kohler Bellera faucet K-560 . There were very few who don’t like the faucet because it creates splash sometimes. But most of the people, and they are a lot who are comfortably using this faucet since years. You can read the reviews below or buy now at amazon


This is the best choice for buying a faucet from the Bellera family of kohler. It has been around for years. People like it, happy about it, and rate this product high. This is an easy to install kitchen faucet if you are looking for a quick change, this faucet is for you. It is priced at 285$, but you can get it at a discounted price from amazon.com by following link below

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Best Kohler Bellera Faucet - K-560

Best Kohler Bellera Faucet - K-560

Best Kohler Bellera Faucet - K-560