A guide about basic kitchen faucet styles

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Before you buy a kitchen sink faucet, you try to find some best kitchen faucet reviews so that you can have a better understanding about the trends and what is working for other people. But before you look for the reviews or search for most popular sink faucets, you need to understand which style of the kitchen faucet will suit best for your kitchen.

There are too many fancy names have been given to kitchen faucet styles like traditional, Industrial, Asian, Beach, Farmhouse, Mediterranean, Contemporary Tropical, Rustic and so much more. Different sink faucet designers and manufacturers try to introduce different faucet styles every now and then, but there are 3 basic styles that can cover almost every design available in the market, and are:

  1. Traditional kitchen faucets
  2. Transitional kitchen faucets
  3. Contemporary or Modern kitchen faucets

1.Traditional kitchen faucets

Traditional style reflects a sense of heritage by combining classic architectural forms and detailing in craftsmanship. It’s the ideal style for those who appreciate the character and craftsmanship that comes with age. These kinds of kitchen faucets usually have a unique concave curve on the spout, spray head and body that displays decorative ogee moldings. They also have a layered beveling in the body ring that mimics the old craftsmanship and fine detail. A typical traditional kitchen faucet is shown in the following illustration.

An example of a Traditional kitchen faucet



2.Transitional Kitchen Faucets

Transitional style is all about timeless design and relaxed living. Traditional, historic or vintage styles are updated with cleaner lines that defy aging and may be inspired by nature and organic forms. The Transitional Style blends rustic charm with modern simplicity to achieve a look of casual sophistication. These kind of kitchen faucets have straight lines on the spray head which modernize the faucet while balancing classic details. These faucets also have decorative rings in the body which is a dominant trait of the traditional kitchen faucet, but transitional have a cleaner form. Following illustration explains best about a transitional kitchen faucet.

An example of a Transitional kitchen faucet
An example of a Transitional kitchen faucet

3.Contemporary or Modern kitchen faucet.

Sleek, bold, and edgy, the Contemporary style makes a strong design statement. Contemporary style promotes simplicity, harmony and balance. They usually have the simplicity of pure lines, shapes, and forms to create a look of sleek minimalism. It is ideal for creative and adventurous spirits who seek artistic expression in their surroundings. Contemporary designs have an overall slim spout and clean edge on a spout tip for a sleek aesthetic look. While they don’t have the ornamental or beveled rings in the body, they have symmetrical intersections that reflects the modernization.

An example of a contemporary kitchen faucet
An example of a contemporary kitchen faucet

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A few final words about kitchen faucet styles

It seems obvious that a traditional kitchen faucet will not complement a modern style kitchen, and a very sleek and robust design faucet wont do any good in a traditional kitchen. So it is very important to know about the basic styles of kitchen faucets so that you can find a suitable kitchen faucet for your kitchen. After the style consideration, then comes the installation of a kitchen faucet. continue here to learn about kitchen faucet installation types.