Kitchen Sink Faucet installation types

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While planning to replace a kitchen faucet or remodeling entire kitchen, choosing the right installation for your kitchen sink faucet is the first and most important thing to consider. There are two main installation types for kitchen sink faucet.


  1. Wall-mounted
  2. Deck mounted


1.Wall-mounted Kitchen sink faucets

As the name suggests these kinds of faucets are installed on the wall. They are used mainly for their utility to fill larger pots. There are some specific faucets call pot fillers that allow you to fill larger pots and vases. Also Installing faucet on the wall frees up some space beneath the faucet, thus providing larger work-space to work. And with the faucet on the wall it becomes easier to clean the sink and counter top without circling through the faucet, if on deck.

There is also one main advantage to have a wall mounted faucet that it gets less splash of the water because of its height. So it is unlikely for a wall mounted faucet to get stained with water spots and ultimately lose the shine from the water splash.

Well everything in this world has drawbacks associated with it, so does the wall mounted kitchen sink faucets. The main disadvantage is that they are harder to install and usually requires a professional plumber for installation. However to repair the wall mounted faucet you need to break open the wall to reach the pipes to find any leaks.

Also wall mounted kitchen faucets requires larger sinks to prevent splash, and larger sinks will leave less space on the counter. If you have a bigger kitchen then its not much of an issue but in the tight space wall mounted faucets don’t work very well.

Here is a list about pros and cons of a wall- mounted kitchen faucet

  • Easier to fill large pots
  • Gives larger space beneath the faucet to work
  • Sinks or counter become easier to clean
  • Gets less splash on the faucet
  • Shiny finish last longer
  • Last longer than deck mounts
  • Hard to install
  • Hard to repair
  • Requires larger sinks

2.Deck-Mounted Kitchen sink faucets

Unlike wall mount these types of kitchen faucets sit on deck or the counter. Now a days most of the kitchen faucets have deck mounted installation, because they are easier to install, easier to repair or replace. These faucets are used because they provide maneuverability in use. Many of the faucets comes with pull down or pull out spray which makes it easier to use. Though they are installed lower than wall mounted faucets, with the pullout spray you can fill pots from the side counter.

There are deck mounted faucets which require a single hole in the counter, but many others require more than one, up to four holes, in the counter. It depends on the handles and a separate spray which require more than one holes. A single handle sink faucet only require one hole, if a faucet offers separate spray with a single handle faucet it requires two holes. Two handles kitchen faucet requires 3 holes, one for a spout and two for handles, and it additional separate spray is there, you will need four holes in order to install it.

Most of the advancements are happening in deck mounted faucets, there are too many choices available for this kinds of installation, and most contemporary faucet designs are deck mount.

  • Easy to install, repair or replace
  • Takes less space
  • Wide range of products available
  • Even its smaller it takes space on the counter
  • Hard to clean,
  • Accumulates water and dirt between wall and the faucet

Few final words about kitchen faucet installations

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of installations but ultimately its all about your kitchen needs that determine which one to choose. In tighter space deck mounted suits well, whereas if space is not an issue and you want a faucet that last long then wall mount faucets will work best for you. Here is best kitchen faucet for each type of installation.

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