Do you think Kitchen faucet finish is just a color choice ? Think again

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Choosing a right kitchen faucet finish is the most important part of a kitchen design. The faucet finish can change the overall look of your kitchen. It is the kitchen faucet finish that defines the aesthetics of your kitchen faucet. Now choosing the faucet finish is not only about apparent color choice. Different finishes require different kind of maintenance. Some last longer and some tend to wear fast.

There are lot of distinct finishes that manufacturers offers, but the most common faucet finishes are

  • Chrome

  • Stainless

  • Venetian Bronze

  • Oil rubbed bronze

  • Brushed nickel

  • Polished nickel


Chrome is the most common and widely used finish. Chrome is known for its reflective surface and shine. It does not tarnish and have corrosion resistance. It cost the least among other finishes and is the most selling finish in kitchen and bath fixtures. If you are looking to save some bucks always select the chrome finish for the fixtures. In addition to saving money you can read my post here about the tips to save money while buying a faucet.



Examples of a chrome finish faucet


Stainless Steel finish is the lustrous metallic tone that matches today’s stainless steel appliances. Unlike the chrome finish the spots on the stainless steel faucet are not easily visible. So its shinny appearance last longer than of the chrome faucets. Due to spot resistance, stainless steel faucets require less and simple maintenance. They are easy to clean. Stainless steel finishes also cost more than the chrome finish but its worth money spending on.



Examples of a stainless steel finish faucet

3.Oil rubbed Bronze & Venetian Bronze

Oil-rubbed Bronze is a dark, almost matte black finish. It feels slightly oily when touched. This finish is chemically darkened to give the aged bronze look. Oil rubbed bronze varies from dark brown to the dark gray tone. Venetian Bronze is similar to the oil rubbed bronze finish just with slight variation in color. Both finishes are well suited for Tuscan and Mediterranean style kitchens. These finishes are not cheap and are not easy to maintain. These finishes are purely for decorating purposes. The finish wears over time due to the oxidation. But it looks more pleasing and compliment more to the rusty style kitchens like Tuscan and Mediterranean.



Examples of a Oil-rubbed and Venetian Bronze finish faucet

4.Polished Nickel & Brushed Nickel

Nickel finishes are similar to chrome finish, both have silver tones. But the major difference between them is the tint on them. Chrome plating gives metal a blue shine, while nickel plating gives the faucet warmer tone like slight red or yellow.

Now as with the name suggests Polished Nickel is the shiny finish where as Brushed Nickel offers softer and less harsh look that work well in transitional and traditional kitchen styles. The Polished Nickel finish is more shiny than Polished chrome. So if you have a modern kitchen look or contemporary style, you should go for Polished nickel. It is also highly corrosion resistant and very easy to clean. The Nickel finish is the most durable finish and last longer than any other finish.

Nickel Faucet KPF-1622N


Examples of a Nickel finish faucet


So do not think choosing the faucet is only about the color selection. All finishes are maintained differently and require more or less care. Chrome is the widely used finish because its easy to clean and cost much less. The bronze finishes are the most expensive but used primarily for the decorative purposes. They require more care than any other finish. The Nickel finish is the most durable and long lasting finish among all other finishes. So before deciding to buy a new kitchen faucet keep that in mind selecting the right finish for your kitchen faucet will really make a difference.