Glacier Bay kitchen faucets Reviews

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I have talked about the best discount kitchen faucets here and reviewed the top 5 budget kitchen faucets. In that article I rated those faucets based on quality and price. I talked about some tips that can help you find the a good kitchen faucet in best price without compromising on the quality. Now if you are looking to cut the cost even more, well honestly who doesn’t want that, and want to find the cheapest kitchen faucets then i must tell you there is something like that does exist. “The Glacier Bay kitchen faucets”.

But there is a catch, the quality is not that great. But this happens all the time to all the cheap products. They are of less quality but they cost a lot less than the good discount kitchen faucets. There are times when we want a good quality faucet which will last forever. But sometimes we choose money over quality. Now what is glacier bay kitchen faucets.

Glacier Bay kitchen faucets

Glacier bay kitchen faucets is the cheapest house brand of the The homedepot itself is a huge brand in the home improvement industry. They offer a wide range of products from the highest quality fixtures to lowest priced products. The purpose of introducing a cheap faucet brand is to offer low cost products to those who doesn’t care about the long lasting life of a faucet if priced at the minimum. These kitchen faucets are ideal for rental homes, they cost too less and they last upto 3-5 years.

Overall quality

As we know we are talking about the cheap kitchen faucets so there is a little to expect from the Glacier Bay. But let me tell you All glacier bay kitchen faucets are made up of solid brass, that’s a relief. They are durable in construction but most of the parts are plastic, sometimes handles and sprayer too. It all depends on the price they have faucets range from 20$ upto 250$. The higher the cost the better the quality. There are many faucets designs available at amazon from traditional to modern. You can check them here

Best Kitchen faucets by Glacier bay

Following are the 5 best kitchen faucets offered by Glacier Bay

1.Single Handle Pull-down faucet with Soap dispenser

Single handle Pulldown Glacier Bay Kitchen faucets


This is an easy to install kitchen faucet comes in Mediterranean Bronze finish. The finish is an oil rubbed bronze look a like. This glacier bay faucet offers pull-down sprayer which adds convenience to fill pots. The faucet comes with the optional deck plate. Made up of solid brass, the faucet looks sturdy. It also features the ceramic disc cartridge valve which ensures the drip free use for a long time.


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2.Invee Single-handle Pull-down faucet in Oil rubbed Bronze

Invee Faucet by Glacier Bay kitchen Faucets


This is an actual oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet by glacier bay. The transitional style of make this faucet to accompany in the wide range of kitchen decor. This is at number two in my list because it lacks the soap dispenser and cost a bit higher that the traditional kitchen faucet above. The construction is similar, and it also contains ceramic disc valve. If you check the other Oil rubbed bronze faucets here, you will know in compare to these, this glacier bay kitchen faucet cost way too less.


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3.Keelia Single handle Pull-out sprayer Kitchen Faucet

Keelia Brushed Nickel Faucet by Glacier Bay kitchen faucets


The third one is the Keelia faucet by Glacier bay. This is also made up of Solid brass with a dual function Pull-out Sprayer. The Spray hose has a length of 48 inch, which is ideal for filling large pots from the counter. The brass construction ensures the long life of the faucet, but the sprayer itself is plastic. The faucet also features the brushed nickel finish, Read more about brushed nickel finish here. With the ceramic disc installed, this faucet gives the smooth handle operation and a drip free experience.


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4.Glacier Bay Replacement Filtration Faucet

Glacier Bay kitchen Faucets - Filtration Replacement


This is not a regular sink faucet, but if you are looking for a replacement for your water filtration system this is the cheapest choice for you. The faucet is not made up of brass but feature the zinc construction. Brass is also the alloy of zinc. So zinc construction also ensures the durability. Its high arc spout allows you to fill the glass easily. If you have an oil rubbed kitchen sink faucet, this faucet will suite best. The elegant Mediterranean Bronze finish give this faucet an expensive look. But this is the cheapest kitchen faucet available by glacier bay.


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5.Invee Single Handle Pull-down kitchen faucet Stainless Steel

Invee Stainless Steel Glacier Bay kitchen faucets

If we were talking about the quality only, this would be at the top of the list. But here i m listing the faucet with lower price. This faucet is at the last because it costs at 250$. It may not be a cheapest choice at first but if you take a closer look to that faucet, the cost effective thought will fill in. First this faucet has a stainless steel finish, and faucet with type of finish cost a higher. Secondly this faucet has a beautiful Pull-down sprayer that sits inside the spout. The design is clean and modern that can be used in almost any kitchen. And the ceramic disc cartridge provides the trouble free, smooth and a drip free experience for life. Usually a faucet that good cost 400$ and up this is only priced at 248$. While comparing with the other brands this faucet cost a lot less.


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Glacier Bay kitchen faucets might not be the best in the quality but it surely is the best in price. The quality is not that bad as it sounds. All the faucets are brass constructed so they fit well. But the other parts are plastic like handles and sprayers. This is to reduce the overall cost of the faucet. Now they have a kitchen faucet that cost only 20$ and is listed above. while faucets those are priced at crazy lowest, the quality remain less of a concern. But if you want a good quality product Glacier bay has it too. But they just cost a little high and a lot less than the other brands. If you are looking for the cheap kitchen faucet, Glacier bay might be a good choice.

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