Best High End Kitchen Faucets Review

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Almost every good kitchen faucet brand offers wide range of products. They offer cheap entry level faucets to the unique high end kitchen faucets. Today we are here to discover the top level kitchen faucets and explore why these faucets are so better than the mainstream faucets.

Now before we look into any high end kitchen faucet, we first need to set our expectations. What we are looking for in the high end kitchen faucet.

First of all, the high end kitchen faucets must have the premium construction. The quality should be at best. Brass is considered as the best alloy for the kitchen faucets. Its solid durable and last longer. Most of the kitchen faucets have this brass construction, but many has some plastic parts inside to reduce cost. But a high end faucet should be made up of premium materials, and because of that they tend to cost higher.

Secondly, high end kitchen faucets must have the ceramic disc valves. Ceramic disc valves are nearly maintenance free and they are made to last. The ceramic disc have diamond like hardness and is guaranteed not to wear out. These are immune to debris, mineral buildups and other problems that cause the valve life to diminish.

Thirdly, the high end faucets must have the modern features that make working in a kitchen convenient. A durable docking system, multi-functional sprayer, rust free finish, are some of the many features that a high end faucet must accompany.

Why should you buy a high end kitchen faucet?

There are couple of reasons why should you spend top dollars for a premium product.

  1. No or very little maintenance
  2. A very long life
  3. No wear, no leaks.
  4. Heavy duty performance

Usually high end faucets are also called professional kitchen faucets. Because they are mainly used in restaurants where there is a heavy sink work. So the faucets that are made for these conditions are durable with a long lasting life. If you are looking to replace your kitchen faucet and do not want to get another replacement in 10 years or so, then you should buy a high end kitchen faucet.

Best high end kitchen faucets

Now the most important question is that, which one should you buy? There are a lot of high end kitchen faucets available, but i am giving you the best 3 among them. I compared many faucets for features, quality, warranty and price, and i find these as the top 3 high end kitchen faucets.

1.Kohler K-6330 ProMaster Kitchen Faucet

Kohler Promaster High End kitchen facuets K-6330


  • Brass construction.
  • Integral vacuum breaker.
  • One-piece faucet, self-contained ceramic disc valve allows both volume and temperature control.
  • Overhead 27-inch spout rotates 140 degrees
  • 30-inch pullout hose
  • Handspray with pause, adjustable spray, and volume control options.
  • 2.2 GPM Flow Rate

As stated above, Kohler K-6330 ProMaster is a single piece faucet constructed with brass. A one-piece faucet means there is no leaky joints. It has also got a self contained ceramic disc valve which is made to last and require no maintenance. Overall the quality is at best, and constructed with premium materials. It also wear the Kohler finish that is highly corrosion and tarnish resistant.

Kohler K-6330 design has a long spout of 27 inch. It covers a wide area over the sink allows to fill the large pots. The spout also rotates 140 degrees provide easy maneuverability. The spout features a multi function pull down hand sprayer, choose between aerated, spray and turbo flow. You can also pause the water flow preventing undesirable splashes.

This faucet is everything that a high end kitchen faucet should be. Constructed with premium materials, features all the modern features, with multi function sprayer. Kohler K-6330 ProMaster is the best choice among the high end kitchen faucets.

Price: $1450

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2. Delta 980T-DST Pilar Pull-down Faucet with Touch2O



  • Premium Construction
  • Touch Activated Faucet
  • TempSense LED indicates water temperature
  • MagnaTite Docking system
  • Diamond Seal Technology (DST)
  • Include matching soap dispenser
  • ADA compliant
  • Touch-Clean spray

Delta Pilar faucet 980T-DST is one of the best high end kitchen faucet. It features a fully premium brass construction, including the soap dispenser and the side handle. This faucet looks sturdy and heavy, and is durable. The faucet is made with the Delta Brilliance finish which is immune to discolorations. So the faucet is made to last with fully metal construction and the brilliance finish.

Delta 980T-DST also contains all the modern features that are delta exclusive. Including the Touch2O technology, which allows you to turn the faucet on and off by touching anywhere on the faucet. You can read all about the delta faucet innovations here. And this faucet features all of them.

This faucet is also moderately priced at 425$, so if you are looking for a affordable high end kitchen faucet this might be the number one choice for you. It comes in 3 beautiful finishes

Delta High end kitchen faucets 980T-DST-SD
Delta Faucet 980T-DST-SD (Chrome Finish)
Delta-High End kitchen faucets 980T-DST-SSSD
Delta-980T-DST-SSSD (Brilliance Stainless Finish)
Delta High end kitchen faucets 980T-DST-RB
(Oil-Rubbed Bronze)

Price: 425$

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3. Moen 7185E Brantford with Motionsense Single handle pull-down kitchen faucet

Moen-Brantford High End Kitchen Faucet 7185E



  • Equipped with Moen MotionSense
  • Features Reflex System for smooth operation
  • Moen Duralock quick connect system
  • Multi-function sprayer
  • ADA compliant
  • Eco performance design


This faucet by Moen is my third best choice for the best high end kitchen faucets. Moen Brantford 7185E is also a premium kitchen faucet made by 100% brass metal. It is equipped with the 3-function sprayer, aerated, pause and powerful rinse. It also features the Moen Exclusive MotionSense technology, which give you exceptional hands-free convenience and trigger the flow of water with a simple hand movement. Learn more about the Motionsense here.

This faucet also features the reflex system which is made for smooth operation, easy movement and secure docking of the pull-down spray head.It features a self retracting spray head which docks smoothly and effortlessly to its original position. This feature hasn’t been seen in the other kitchen faucets yet. Moen Brantford is the Traditional looking faucet with all the modern features offered by Moen. The faucet is available in the following 4 finishes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Moen-Brantford-High End Kitchen Faucets-7185EC
Moen-Brantford-7185EC (Chrome)
Moen-Brantford- Best Faucet Reviews 7185ECSL
Moen-Brantford-7185ECSL (Classic Stainlesss)
Moen-Brantford-7185EORB (Oil-Rubbed Bronze)
Moen-Brantford-7185ESRS (Spot Resist Stainless)

Price: 400$

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If you are exhausted by replacing kitchen faucets, you should look into a product that guarantees the longer life. High end kitchen faucets are made from the premium materials, they are durable and require no maintenance. Packed with modern features they are convenient to use. Today i tried to give you a better understanding about these faucets and why they are worth even 1500$. They do best and for a longer period of time. I learned about many expensive kitchen faucets but i found these 3 kitchen faucets to be the best 3 options. They are high rated products and comes highly recommended by their owners. I hope you will find what you are looking for, feel free to ask anything.