Best Discount Kitchen Faucets

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Tips to choose a cheap kitchen faucet.

The quality of a kitchen faucet matters while choosing the most popular sink faucet for your kitchen. It is necessary to look for the faucet that is durable and will last longer. Now a days most of the faucets are made up of brass. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and it is used due to its resistance to soft-water corrosion and hard-water calcification.

Now there are some tips you can follow to keep the price of a faucet in check. Its not very hard to find a good looking cheap kitchen faucet. First of all, choose a chrome finish. It is the most affordable finish and also looks great. Also if you can live without a separate sprayer, skip this feature. Because it can reduce the cost of your faucet significantly. However there are some good discount kitchen faucets available in the market with separate sprayer at affordable price.

Single handle faucets usually cost more than double handle faucets. If you want to cut the price more than go for double handle kitchen faucets. It can save you some bucks, but it depends on your installation holes, because two handle faucets require 3 hole installation.


With these things in mind, i present you the 5 best discount kitchen faucets that combine affordability with quality.


  1. Kraus KPF-2250 Single handle pull-out faucet
  2. Rozin-sanitary Pull-down kitchen faucet
  3. Premier 120161LF Sonoma Lead-Free Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet
  4. American Standard 4175 Colony Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
  5. Peerless P299578LF Choice Two Handle Kitchen Faucet


1.Kraus KPF-2250 Single Handle pull-out kitchen faucet

Kraus-2250 - Best discount kitchen faucets

Kraus KPF-2250 is my best choice for the best discount kitchen faucet as well as the best pull-out kitchen faucet. The lead free brass construction ensures the durability and has a streamlined pull-out dual-function spray head that delivers an aerated flow or powerful spray at the push of a button.

The faucet is highly corrosion and rust resistant, as well as easy to clean. Single hole mounting allows the faucet to integrate seamlessly with your sink. For easy installation, all mounting hardware is provided.

The faucet has got some great reviews at It got a 4.6 rating stars which is quite good. Overall people are happy with the quality and finish.

Price: $83
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2. Rozin sanitary Pull-down kitchen faucet

Rozin-Sanitary - Best discount kitchen faucets


An affordable and commercial style faucet, the rozin sanitary pull-down faucet is made up of brass with a zinc alloy handle.

This commercial style contemporary faucet features dual function spray head with a swivel spout.

It also has a sedal’s ceramic cartridge installed that ensures drip free use, (tested 500,000 cycles).

This is the best selling kitchen faucet on and rated at 4 stars by 77 customers.


Price: $67
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3. Premier 120161LF Sonoma Lead-Free Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

Premier-Sonoma - Best discount kitchen faucets

Enjoy the convenience of a pull-out spout sprayer with contemporary design. With a generous 48-Inch retractable hose, the Sonoma pull-out kitchen faucet provides you with the freedom to wash, rinse, or clean wherever you need to reach. Premier’s ceramic disc technology ensures consistent, leak-free performance for the life of your faucet. Solid lead-free brass construction provides robust durability and strength. Rated 4.5 by 189 customers so far at, that is enough to rate the faucet among the best discount kitchen faucets.


Price: $83
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4. American Standard 4175 Colony Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet.

American-standard-colony - Best discount kitchen faucets

The Colony kitchen faucet by American Standard is the centerpiece of a professional’s kitchen sink. As the focal point of the sink it shines and continues to throughout its life thanks to a tough finish that resists scratching and tarnishing.

Additional modern faucet features such as a ceramic disc valve for drip-free performance and a built-in adjustable pull-down spray keep your kitchen sink the center of attention. The Colony soft pull-down kitchen faucet is currently available in polished chrome, matte black, and stainless steel.

It is one of the best sellers at since few years, and rated highly at 4.5 stars by 123 customers while i am writing this review. Certainly a faucet reviewed by so many people comes under the best discount kitchen faucets title.

Price: $98
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5. Peerless P299578LF Choice Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

Peerless-299578LF Best discount kitchen faucets

Peerless P299578LF is in our best budget kitchen faucet list, because it features a separate matching side sprayer. This kitchen faucet features high arc rotating spout for superior accessibility. Ergonomic blade handles offer easy to use control. It is low lead compliant and has a washer less cartridge, that eliminated the leaks associated with washers.

It is not as durable as ceramic disk valves. But washer less cartridges are easy to replace and in the price Peerless P299578 LF is available i think replacing a cartridge once a year should never be a problem.


Price: $58
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It is not always true that a good kitchen faucet cost high. There are cheap kitchen faucets available that esures the quality. A good kitchen faucet is made up of brass and consists of a ceramic disc valve. These two traits make sure that the durability of a kitchen faucet remains long. With these features included there are many models available at a very affordable price. I tried to rank the 5 best discount kitchen faucets in this article but there are a lot more available at